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The people in the world are moving around one concept from Centuries with utmost priority. That is the religion.
What is the exactness of the religion? Do we have the real quality of the religion that is religiousness? What is the difference between religion and religiousness?
If you are in religions from the past centuries then everybody should get the quality and earth should be like a paradise.
But the reality is different now. Earth is in such a misery and people are fighting with each other in the name of religion from ages.  religion

Love should be the base for any religion. Love must be the seed. Love must be the concept of a religion. Or else religion is just a blind belief which has no morality.

Every religion was formed by following a master or history. But the religion should not attained the quality of the person in reality. Quality is not there. Quantity is there.
Religiousness means essence of the self. That essence comes when we are filled with unconditional love towards every being in the universe. 

A religion which is not based on love and freedom of the self is not at all a religion.

Religion is an object which is physical. But the religiousness is subjective which is eternal. We have more physical religions. So is the is the violence among the people.

The masters on whom name the religion formed are eternal. Masters have the quality. They are very loving and beautiful. We have ignored that quality.  If we ignore the quality then religion is like body without soul.

In the higher worlds love is only the religion. Only people of unconditional love are called as religious persons. Remaining all are just dreaming that they are in a religion. There is no authenticity for this.
The time has come to change the earth by changing our self first in all possible dimensions. In that religion is the one.
To achive the peace on earth self change is a must. In that attaining to the religiousness is a must.
So my dear beautiful souls of the earth become religious by leaving blind faiths. This is only the way to make earth peace.


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