Every human being contains seven bodies associated to seven chakras.

1-Physical body(Sthula shariram)sevenbodies

The first body is the physical body as we know.

2-The Etheric Body(Bhawa Shariram)

In the second body emotional growth of the individual is developed. This we call as emotional body.its natural potential is fear, hate, anger, and violence. Transformation of this gives love, compassion, fearlessness, friendliness.

3-The Astral Body(Sukshma shariram)

In the third body reasoning, thinking and intellect are developed. Primarily, the third body revolves around doubt and thinking. If these are transformed doubt becomes trust and thinking becomes awareness.

4-The Mental Body(mano shariram)

The world that starts from the fourth body is subjective, whereas the world before that is objective. It is connected to anahat energy center.

5-The Spiritual Body(Atma)

To attain the atman is to attain all. when you enter the fifth body, crystallization of the ego happens. The fifth is the peak of individuality, the peak of love, of compassion, of everything that is worthwhile. The state of moksha is experienced in the fifth body. The limitations of the first four bodies are transcended and the soul becomes totally free. So liberation is the
experience of the fifth body.

6-The Cosmic Body

After the fifth the search is in order to be rid of the self. So there are two things: the first is freedom from something; this is one thing and it is completed at the fifth plane. The second thing is freedom from the self, and so a completely new world starts from here. Just a diffused feeling is there for those who are in this body. There is no split, no division - not even the division of the individual.

7-Nirvanic body

The seventh body is the ultimate Niravanic body. If he reaches up to the fifth body there is the door of liberation, and if he reaches up to the sixth there is the possibility of the state of God- realization. Then there is no question of liberation or no liberation; he becomes one with that which is. The declaration of "Aham Brahmasmi" - I am God - is of this plane. And one more step where there is no aham and no Brahman, where I and thou are totally nonexistent, where there is simply nothing - where there is total and absolute void. That is nirvana.

Begin from the physical and work through the etheric. Then the astral, the mental, the spiritual. Up to the fifth you can work and then, from the fifth on, just be aware. Doing is not important then; consciousness is important. And finally, from the sixth to the seventh, even consciousness is not important. Only is-ness, being. This is the potentiality of our seeds. This is our possibility.

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