Pyramid and its energy for meditation

 One of the seven wonders in the world is pyramid. We have very big pyramids in Egypt constructed several centuries ago. And in different parts of the world if we go through. The history of the pyramid is ancient and the existence of the pyramids in the different worlds is real.The purpose of the pyramids on the earth is to spread the abundant cosmic energy on earth. The pyramids are store houses of cosmic energy. It preserves it from universe and the effect of the vibrations is very powerful.

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 In the word Pyramid - ‘Pyra’ means ‘fire’ or energy and ‘mid’ means ‘centre’ or middle.

The structural design of a Pyramid consists of three-dimensional triangles, with large bases going towards the top and four faces with an accurate inclination at 51o 51’. Because of the shape and angle the structure gets aligned perfectly to the Earth’s magnetic field. Pyramid is the greatest receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy.

 Experiments prove changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals after exposure to pyramid vibrations. The effect of this on aura, which is a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding each object, living and non-living. The differences before and after exposure to pyramid vibrations have shown up in Kirlian photographs also. The Pyramids are built in order to represent the internally stored fire-energy and divine-force within ourselves.

We have lot of pyramids constructed in India for meditation and in different countries also. Pyramid spiritual society established by Brahmarshi Subhash Patri extensively spreading the use of pyramids and meditation done under the pyramid. Now a days so many are doing meditation under the pyramid and getting the powerful benefits of them.pyramids

Brahmarshi Patriji personally conducted numerous experiments with Pyramids and Pyramid Meditation and his experiences established a fact that the grand structure was the greatest receiver, amplifier and transmitter of universal conscious energy otherwise known as cosmicenergy. His experiences ignited a generated a need for him to share his learning with entire humankind thus paving way for the start of a new age moment - Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

Patriji re-discovered the Power of Pyramids and found may means and ways to use pyramid energy for enriching lives of people across the globe. Pyramid can be constructed with any material. Materials make no difference in the receiving of the Cosmic Energy. 

 Pyramid Meditation:

 Meditation done inside or underneath a Pyramid is called ‘Pyramid Meditation’. Pyramid Meditation is thrice more powerful. For those who just started, Pyramid meditation is the best way to experience high-energy environments. Please check Meditation method Menu for more details on AnaApanaSati meditation.

 Large pyramids in India for meditation

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