Enjoy the life in all possible dimensions with awareness....Celebrate Life. Do not leave any experience....

The importance of life is to live it to the full. We all are trying to find a place where we are happy. Life is about growing physically, mentally and spiritually. It's about traveling down different paths of your life and making decisions. You will make some mistakes, as all of us do. We learn from them and grow stronger. It's about being true to yourself, standing alone sometimes when you really...believe in something and not fearing retribution. It means to love those around you, help where you can, be known as a person that can be trusted and just do the best you can.balanced life
If we didn't feel sadness we could never experience happiness; if we didn't get angry on occasion we would never know peace, and if we didn't trust our hearts we'd never know love. We can not go beyond the duality if we can not experience all. Life is much more beautiful if you open the inner eyes, ears and heart and listen. Darkness is there to experience and learn. Light is there experience and learn...
A person who cannot find contentment, cannot find peace. A person, who cannot find peace, cannot find fulfillment. We have to find our purpose of life. It is also determined by your ability to appreciate every moment by making it conscious. Live in conscious way with awareness and enjoy the existence you have now.
You may be wounded but you aren’t broken. Just because things are hard now doesn’t mean they will be forever. We can heal them through our meditation and awareness.
The sun shines down and its image reflects a thousand different pots filled with water.
The reflections are many,but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people.
This is the essence of life and the meaning of existence.

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