A man can do an action in conscious which leads him to the next step. If it is out of unconscious then it leads to back and you have to put more effort to cleanup and to move forward.The earth is a learning place for every soul. On earth negative things are bound to happen. Every soul is given with a free will or choice before coming to earth. It is completely in our hands to come to earth or not. The soul maximum chooses to come because here we have best chance to grow faster by cleaning our karma accumulated from the past lives or the present.

But for every thing Karma is not a cause. Sometimes good persons will suffer though that is not their bad karma. That is because of high negativity and violent nature in the people. In this situation the good soul will grow faster and the other one will gain more bad karma. The justice will be done for sure.
In the case of nature also it is applicable. We are here as a visitors. Nature has provided best ways to grow. We have free will to use for construction but not for destruction. If we destroy then we are expected to construct. So if we are causing more damage to the nature then it has the free will to cleanup. So we are seeing earth quakes..tsunami. If somebody pollutes or destroys our house we will send them out and we will clean our house. Same is the case with the nature.
Nobody is higher here or lower...
We are here to learn and we have to concentrate on the same. But through every experience and action the soul gains the wisdom.karmic design

when a soul decides to take birth on the earth... according to the last birth actions it decides the plan. It checks where and all the people related to its karma are living..which family..which area then it takes birth in that family and area. The soul may takes birth in the same family for one or more times. It depends on the mutual cleaning of the karma. Once the karma is gets cleaned it moves to other places..or family. Some times it takes birth in one family and it creates a situation to get connected to other souls which are not present in the family. Nobody will decide this.. only our subconscious mind will design with the help of guidance master...whom we call as guidance angels also. Every soul will be connected through our subconscious with the other worlds. The person who is having active subconscious mind will be on the right path of learning and takes care of other living beings..either humans or animals any living being.
For the person whose subconscious mind is not active...and completely stuck with physical mind will be doing unconscious things... This kind of people will get help for sure if they start thinking and analyzing their actions...and truly trying to change. We should make subconscious mind as the master..and physical mind empty.
If physical mind becomes empty without any thoughts..either good or bad it does not matter then the subconscious mind will become active.

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