The present parenting is completely based on the unconscious way of thinking. What ever the present parents got from their parents or ancestors is imposed on the children. This is happening from the centuries. Nobody knows how to bring the child and when the child will get exposed to the reality they are failing utterly and taking the decisions which are throwing them much deeper to the darkness and ignorance. From there they are looking for somebody to come and shed some light.

 99% children got wrong parenting. Neither the parents know how to stop their son/daughter doing unconscious things nor the children. That is why the present world is full of misery and violence. They do not know what to do and how to do because the base is wrong.

 When the base is not constructed in a correct way is it possible to build a house? Absolutely NO.

 The base here is the right way of parenting. The right way of parenting will never include imposing methods. It is made of freedom of the child and the acceptance.

 First we should understand the basic concepts before taking the parenting step.

 1) Every child belongs to the cosmos, to the vast existence but not to any parents.

 2) Before you decide to become parents you should analyze yourself whether you are in a perfect position to guide an unknown guest. In this process you have to see whether you are ready to accept the child with utmost love and care. Love brings freedom. You should respect the child and his freedom.

Once you are clear then go for it. Welcome the guest who is coming through you but not by you to this world with love..

 3) Second thing before becoming parents you should aware of the fact that parenting is not a one way of approaching only from parents to child. But it is mutual. Even parents have to learn from the child.

Children are very pure forms. We must respect them and their freedom. We must listen what they are saying and what they are asking. Utmost patience is required.

It is the responsibility of the parents to form such kind of environment where the child responds freely.

 The first stage of the children life is very crucial and most important. At this stage every child is like a beautiful white paper. You should not fill that with your ideas.

 The parenting has to be done at two levels. At each level the parenting should be done with love and equal priority in order to balance the life. Parenting is one of the most important thing that can create beautiful world if done in a right direction. 

  1. physical parentingparenting

  2. Spiritual Parenting

  3. Live and Let live

  4. No gender discrimination. Equal and unique parenting.

 =>Physical parenting nourishes the body related things and gives the wisdom.

=>Spiritual parenting will makes the child to understand his divine nature. 

Physical Parenting

 Physical level parenting is related to body, materialistic world and biological system. Each and every parent should give the complete information about these at each stage.

 It is very important for every child whether male or female to understand about their biological system and changes they are going through. Every parent should form free kind of environment where the child can ask freely the questions. And the parents must give the answers freely without feeling shy. Treat this as basic education. Sending the children to school may help in one way but this kind of basic wisdom will help a lot in their life.

Give what ever the information the child requires and teach them with awareness.

When the child is growing and when he/she goes to the adult age they should not be in a confusion about their biological changes. You must shed light on these. Explain in detail and it is the prime responsibility of the parents at this stage. Because at this level only most of the children got stuck.

Parents must not escape from this. If you escape remember you are causing a great damage.

 For this the parents should learn all these and deliver the information when ever required and asked by the child.

 Never say anything unconscious information about the body related things. This is very crucial part. Body related things have importance in the life journey as long as we are on this earth. We should get wisdom about each and every thing related to body and materialistic world by experiencing in a conscious way with utmost awareness.

 After this the child will start facing real materialistic world. Every parent should give the information about money. Materialistic world comprised of many momentary things.

Still they have to see as per their design if required. You need to only guide them when ever required and give absolute freedom which they got naturally. At this level also never impose your ideas on them.

You should never direct a child to do this or do that. Parents are there to guide when ever required only.

Keep an eye when he is doing if he does wrong show where he did and allow to fix it on his own. This physical world related wisdom helps the child to grow without any blockages at any level. This will give better understanding on physical level. Then through body they will explore the spirit.

 Spiritual Parenting

 The most important part in the parenting is spiritual parenting. Every human being is having two parts one is body which is mortal and soul which is immortal.

Soul before coming to earth will decide the parents through whom it should come to earth and existence uses the mother’s womb to create a physical body for the soul and to bring it to earth.

 So in the life journey we should learn each and every concept related to body and soul to make our life balanced in all directions.

 In the process of spiritual parenting the parents should know that they have the immortal soul. Each and every parents should do meditation. Cosmic energy is the food for soul. Through our experiences we grow.

Parents must do meditation and give the same to the children. When parents do the meditation their thoughts will become pure. It clears the unwanted dust. When the parents are pure and they will come to know how to do parenting.

 Spiritual parenting is nothing but teaching the children meditation from the age of 4 or 5. Daily you should do meditation along with the child. When the children do this their mind will be empty and pure. When they growing with spiritual energy they will be in a position to understand the challenges that life brings in a best way and faces them with awareness. They will run away and commit suicide like a coward with fear of living life. When we do this the child will grow with perfect wisdom on both spiritual and physical things.

 So when a parent understands the concept of parenting will not impose ideas,ideals,dogmas,doctrines,blind believes and ambitions on a child. They simply allow with love and care what ever the child wants to explore. Only through exploring a child can become creative.

 Giving and imposing what ever you have gathering from the centuries will simply destroy the child and his creativity. No parent has right to direct a child but only to guide when ever required. Every parent should remember that parenting is not something personal but great future of the world is depending on that and great growing of the child is dependent on how you are doing balanced way of parenting.

 Live and Let live

 The most important concept parents should learn and give is live and let live. The parents should teach the children to respect all living beings on earth. You should teach to respect and value the life of animals,birds,plants all. They are as same as you. Every being is from the same source. Parents should treat every being with love and care from this the child will learn. Every living being’s life has its own tremendous value. Nobody have rights to harm the other living beings. They are all our fellow living beings. This attitude parents should develop and give it to the children.

 When every child gets this kind of parenting then the world will see a new light and new generation without fear and enjoying the life with utmost awareness. Create a free space where you can guide and the children can ask and respond freely. No conditions..No limitations. Give your hand when it is required and allow them to walk on their own. If they fall they will learn and will walk on their own and run on their own.

 Every Parent has to love the child, respect the child, give the guidance according to the requirement.

Never ever interfere in the children freedom of construction. This kind of balanced parenting creates a conscious family.

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