Bhaja Govindam - Sing the Song of Divine - Part - 4

Do not waste your energy over such matters,
As enemy and friend, son and brother,
War and treaty. If you want to attain to the
feet of the divine soon, maintain equanimity
In everything everywhere.

Dropping sex, anger, greed and attachment,
Meditate upon yourself: Who am I?
Because Ignorants without self-realization
Suffer the anguish of deep hell here.

Only the Gita and the Sahastranam
-the one thousand names of God-
are worth singing;
only the form of Vishnu (Highest Consciousness where his presence everywhere)
is worth meditating upon incessantly.
One should always seek
The company of good people,
One should give money to the poor only.

One indulges with woman for pleasure,
But what a pity that in the end
One only has a worn-out body.
Although death is the only certainty in this world,
People do not stop sinning.

Money is disaster – always contemplate over it.
The truth is that there is
No happiness in money at all.
It has been seen everywhere that the rich man
Is afraid even of his own sons.

Pranayam and pratyhar,
Intelligent discrimination between transient and intransient,
Disciplining of samadhi with japa(kind of meditation)-
Discipline all these with caution,
With great caution.

Totally surrendered
To the lotus feet of the master,
Free from the bondages of the world,
Having disciplines the mind along with the senses,
you will be able to see the divine within your heart.

Oh Ignorant,
Sing the song of the Divine!
Sing the song of the divine!
Sing the song of the divine!

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