Bhaja Govindam - Sing the song of divine Part - 3

He may undertake the journey
To the Ganges or the Ocean,
He may undertake many austerities and fasts,
He may give away in charity,
But if he does not have self-knowledge
He will not be liberated
Even in hundred of lifetimes.

One may be residing in the temple of God
Or under a tree, the earth may be his only bed,
Deerskin may be his only robe,
He may have dropped all kinds of
Possessions and indulgences
-who would not be blissful
by such a renunciation?

He may be absorbed in enjoyment of the senses
Or in yoga, he may be engrossed
In somebody’s company or he may be alone,
But if his heart dwells in the divine,
then it is he who is blissful,
It is he who is blissful,
It is he alone who is blissful.

One who has read even a little of the Gita,
has drunk even one drop of Ganges water
and has worshipped God even a little,
Yama, the god of death, cannot destroy him.

Oh God, protect me from this troublesome world
where one has to be born again and again,
die again and again,
and fall into the womb of a mother again and again,
and take me to the other shore.

He who has made his robe
out of rags from the roadside,
whose path is free of the thought of sin and virtue,
who is engrossed in yoga,
such a yogi sometimes plays like a child
and sometimes like a madman.

Who are you? Who am I?
From where have I come?
Who is my mother? Who is my father?
Contemplate over these questions,
then you will find that the world
and its worry is meaningless and dreamlike,
and you will become free of this bad dream.

The same divine resides in you,
In me and everywhere else.
By becoming intolerant towards me
You are getting angry in vain.
So, dropping this ignorance
Of discrimination in everything,
See only yourself in all. 

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