Mind and Thought Power


what he thinks, he becomes. You are the creator of your own reality. The reality will be created around you based on your thoughts. Nobody can destroy you and nobody can lift you up in your journey. It is the thought that creates the situations. So we should be in conscious when we are doing and when we are performing our karmic duties. 

We have – physical mind – Subconscious mind and in the thought pattern we have Negative thinking,Positive thinking and Disastrous thinking. 

Every thought will be generated by the mind. We should aware of what kind of thoughts we are getting in day-to-day activities.

Physical Mind :

Physical mind comes with the physical body and  is the one which creates complete negative/disastrous thought pattern.

Heaven will be created by our thoughts and as the hell. So we must become the master of our mind. We should not follow what mind says. We should follow what our heart says.We should not forget the fact that the mind always give the negative thoughts and heart always give correct direction.

Subconscious mind:

 Every soul will be connected to the higher worlds through Subconscious mind. We must listen to the subconscious mind always. Sub conscious mind becomes active when we make the physical mind empty. We should keep physical mind away. We should not control our thoughts instead we have to watch and keep away the thoughts.

The growth pattern includes from Negative Thoughts->positive thoughts->no thoughts.

The ending stage should be no thought stage and no mind stage. Your beliefs form reality.

Our karma will depend on our thought pattern. Conscious thoughts create positive environment where we grow and the unconscious thoughts create negative environment where we fall and learn. Every karmic action is an experience. And each action depends on our thought pattern.What you sow is what you reap. So my dear souls become conscious while doing the things. Become more alert. 

This can be possible only when you make your mind empty. Free from all thoughts.

The soul takes number of births. In each every birth it experiences a new thing. So the soul will be having the wisdom from the past lives and present. If we want to grow fast in all dimensions we must follow a beautiful thought pattern with awareness. Our thoughts and actions should balance both outer and inner. There are no wrong actions and correct actions. Everything is an experience. But we have conscious and unconscious thought patterns. What ever the situations the humans in the world are facing is because of the disastrous thoughts. Nobody is responsible for this. God is not created any misery. It is the humans who created.


Through constant practice of the meditation we can calm our mind. Through empty mind we can get more light into our body which helps a lot in our growth. Meditation is only the way to cleanse our mind.

It is important that you here realize that you are like this because of the events over which you have no control whether those events are psychological or physical. We create our own reality always. Based on your expectations,beliefs your thoughts will come out. If you want to change your life then change your thoughts. 

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