Meditation And Meditation Method

Meditation helps you to calm your restless mind Meditation' is the finest way to increase one's personal energy. Meditation is very easy and not at all difficult. It is a technique, which can be mastered by anyone and everyone with regular practice.

" ANAPANASATI MEDITATION " given by Goutham Budha. Under the guidance of our beautiful master Bramharshi Subhash Patriji we are spreading the meditation to one and all.

The word .. ‘ Anapanasati ’.. in Pali language means .. to direct one's total attention and awareness only on one's normal, natural breathing process. 

It deals with observation of our natural flow of breath.
Breath is the life energy. It is not related to past or future but only present moment.
If there is no breath the soul will leave the physical body.
So observing the natural flow of our life energy that is breath called anapanasati meditation.


‘ ana ' .. means .. ‘ in-breath ’ 

‘ apana ’ .. means  .. ‘ out-breath ’

‘ sati ’ .. means .. ‘ be-one-with ’ 

In ‘ Anapanasati ’, attention of the mind should constantly be on the normal, natural breath. The task on hand is effortless, joyful oneness with the breath.

Procedure :

  1. sit in any comfortable posture where ever you like. Even you can lay on the bed.
  2. clasp your hands, close your eyes. If you are laying.. clasp your hands, close your eyes and keep the two legs crossed.
  3. just observe your natural  breath. No force should be applied. Just be with the natural flow of the breath. Do not imagine any deity or do not chant anything.
  4. you will get so many thoughts in the beginning. But again come to the flow of the breath. Practice it everyday in terms of your age.

          Eg: If you are 30 years old then do for 30 minutes.

Note:  The meditation can be done by any body,any where,at any time. 


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