What we eat is what we are....


Showing care for what you eat can save your body and mind. - Food is considered to be a vegtables
source for the body which affects one’s consciousness and emotions. A proper diet is considered vital for development. what we eat determines our mental as well as physical state.
What we eat is what we are. Killing beautiful living beings just to eat is against the laws of nature.
The change of food is bound to change the qualities of your physical body. Food is not just energy, it is also a qualitative thing. Food is not just a fuel, it contributes more than fuel.
Our body is designed..our digestive system is designed only for vegetarian food.

 Our life is constantly shaped by our actions. Each and every minute either we are evolving or devolving. If we are driven by our egoistic nature and aim to satisfy our food needs by killing, it adds tremondous amount of negative karma.killing animals for food is also regarded as bad karma with negative consequences for everyone involved, including those eating the food.

karma is guided by the buddhi, which plays a crucial role in deciding which path one would
choose in life and what would happen eventually.

When you eat meat you are not only taking food, you are allowing a certain animal from which the meat has come to enter in you. The meat was part of a particular body; the meat was part of a particular instinct pattern. The meat was the animal just few hours before, and that meat carries all the impressions of the animal, all the habits of the animal. When you are eating meat your many attitudes will be affected by it. And if you are sensitive you can become aware that whenever you eat certain things, certain changes immediately come. You can take alcohol and then you are not the same. Immediately a new personality has come in. Alcohol cannot create a personality, but it changes your body pattern. The body chemistry is changed With the change of the body chemistry, the mind has to change its pattern and when the mind changes pattern a new personality has come in.

 If you want higher energies to work through you and manifest in yourself, you need to make your body and mind suitable for that. If you want to keep the negative energy away, You would not feed yourself with the food of their preference that would eventually over power and nullifies the required energy.

 Become a vegetarian...

 ->To purify our bodies and prepare ourselves for inner awakening.

 ->To make the body receptive to certain higher forms of energy and vibrations that would awaken as we move into the realm of the higher consciousness.

->To establish control over our lower nature and the desires that are predominant in its field of activity.


...Eat vegetarian food...respect the life..enhance your growth.. 

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