Osho on Fear

Fear is the very foundation of unconscious life .Fear comes – it is natural. When you allow fear and you tremble, watch it, enjoy it, and in that watching you will transcend it. Don’t run away from life because of fear. You miss the greatest opportunity of living in the present. If you understand death your life will become intense and total. As long as you are alive, the possibility of death is absolutely certain. Only the timing is not certain. But the happening is absolutely certain. What does it matter whether you die after seven days or seven years or seventy years? One thing is certain: that you are going to die. Life is not something that you can go on missing. Otherwise at the moment of death you will feel the greatest misery and pain, the deepest agony, from missing the whole opportunity that was given to you.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Fear

For a lot of people, it is only fear which saves and protects them because they have never invested a moment in sharpening their sense. They think sense just happens and their IQ is natural. You may have IQ but you may be completely screwed up in your head. So many people with a lot of IQ are constantly getting into all kinds of trouble. If you have not invested any time, resource or energy to sharpen your sense, the only thing that will save you is fear. What fear does is it puts boundaries. It is because of fear that you build boundaries all the time. If you put boundaries and restrict the area of your life, you may be safe but the problem is you are safe even from life. You are protected from life itself. That’s real protection.

You must decide whether you have come here to experience life or to avoid life. If you have come to experience life, one thing that is needed is intensity. If you do not have intensityyou will experience a meager life. The moment you use fear as a tool to protect yourself, your intensity will go down. Once it goes down, your ability to experience life is gone. 

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