OSHO on Anger 


You should not try to stop anger. You should not, in any way, keep the anger controlled, otherwise it will burn you, it will destroy you. You have to go to the root - some desire which has been blocked, and the frustration has created the anger. Don't take desires very seriously. Don't take anything seriously. 

Buddha On Anger:

Anger is one of the three poisons – the other two are greed and ignorance.

First Admit that you are angry. Anger is something created by yourself(mind). We tend to think that anger is caused by something outside ourselves, such as other people or frustrating events. It arises from unresolved fears or when our ego-buttons are pushed. When an unpleasant emotion or thought arises, do not suppress it, do not run away from it, or don’t deny it. Instead, observe it and fully acknowledge it. Being deeply honest with yourself about yourself is essential If you have a meditation practice, this is the time to put it to work. Sit still with the heat and tension of anger. Quiet the internal chatter of other-blame and self-blame. Acknowledge the anger and enter into it entirely. Embrace your anger with patience and compassion for all beings, including yourself. 

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